Teepee Motel & RV Park

Wharton, Texas

The RV Park is big rig friendly with full hookups, free cable tv, phone hook-ups, and  WI-FI with 59 RV slots.  They have a laundry room available for guests of the RV Park and the Motel and 3 complete bathrooms with showers for RV guests.

Tee Pee Motel that was built in 1942 by George and Toppie Belcher and enjoy an experience of a lifetime.  They are located 1.2 miles South of Hwy. 59 on Business 59 in a friendly rural setting.

Visit the place that has been in the movies!  Scenes from the 1995 remake of Lolita were filmed in Tipi #2!

Each of the ten units has a comfortable bedroom and private bath and are equipped with a refrigerator, microwave, coffeemaker and hairdryer.   One of the units is designed to accomodate handicap visitors.  Cover-up at night with homemade Star quilts that were purchased throughout Texas.  Each room has its own unique interior design and no two rooms are alike.

Teepee Motel and RV Park

Central Rockies

Breathtaking scenery and dramatic mountain ranges make this one of our most popular destinations. Follow the boardwalks through the geysers and mud pots of Yellowstone National Park. See what it takes to be a sculptor at Crazy Horse Monument, then watch the light show at Mt. Rushmore. Colorado's mountains welcome all levels of biking, hiking, fishing and four-wheeling. Give the kids a camera and watch for moose, bison, elk and birds of prey. A daylong raft trip under crystal blue skies is always refreshing! Or just sit back and enjoy a trip back in time on one of the narrow gauge steam trains that helped open up this majestic country.

There are 10 trips available in Central Rockies.

Tracks and Trails   
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Central America   

78 Day Central America 

Panama, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica This RV caravan tour is designed for the Adventurer at heart and is the most comprehensive trip to Panama and Central America available anywhere. Not only do we take our time, relax, enjoy the sites and have lots of fun while doing it, great care has been taken to ensure you don’t miss any of the best sights and tours on this once in a lifetime trip. Everything except fuel, insurance, tolls and border crossing fees is included in the tour price. (Border crossing fees are between $500 and $600 per rig.) Six important highlights of this tour are: The two-day trip to live Volcano Arenal including hotel accommodations and Hot Springs, “World Famous” Costa Rica Rain Forest Aerial Tram, Costa Rica “Highlights and Coffee Plantation Tours,” Panama Canal and Locks Boat Trip, Chagres River Embera Indian Village Tour in Panama and two-day package at Montelimar Beach Resort. It is extras like these plus all the other amenities that make Adventure Caravans the industry leader in RV tours.

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Explore the Scandinavian kingdoms on our exciting RV tour through the land of the midnight sun and legendary Vikings. Imagine grand moated castles, royal palaces and tidy farms in Denmark and Sweden. Norway will show you the natural drama of deep blue fjords, beautiful mountains and mighty waterfalls. Guided tours introduce you to city nooks and crannies, from cobblestone streets to significant landmarks. At the end of each day, you can unwind in your luxurious rented motorhome, far from the crowd. You’ll feel all of Scandinavia’s charm in this magnificent Fantasy tour.

Start: Hamburg, Germany
End: Hamburg, Germany   

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The Old West    

Travel, History, Old West, Route 66, Ghost Towns and much more! When you travel, do you often wonder what happened at "this place" in the past? Who lived here? What were they like? How did they live their daily lives? If that's the case for you, here at Legends of America, you will find content-rich travel destinations of the American West, including Route 66, ghost towns, outlaws, treasure tales, and even a few ghosts that we bump into along the way. Get in your motorhome or RV and let this site take you back in time.

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Whether as part of an Alaska Highway Cruises Land and Sea vacation or an Alaska Motorhome Rentals independent RV rental, there’s no better way to experience the marvels of the Great Land than from the vantage point of one of our roomy, comfortable motorhomes.
From the RV of Your Choice, you can see the sights up close, stop to snap a photo, go fishing, have a picnic. Your motorhome is easy to drive and offers a luxurious front-seat view of your surroundings from two captain’s chairs.
Best of all, set your own pace. You choose when to get up, when and where you want to stop and for how long. You’re in total control.    

Alaska Travel Adventures     

Custom and Pre-packaged RV Trips    

It can be pretty frustrating and time consuming. At RV Vacation Planner, we take care of the research. We have been camping for 20 years and traveling in an RV for 5 years. We've logged 50,000 miles in our rig.
Your customized RV vacation kit includes:

Itinerary with sunny and rainy day activities
Trip routing
Campground list based on your RV size and hookup preferences
Activity list based on your interests
Recommended travel references
Checklists for packing and preparations

Your custom vacation package kit is delivered right to your email address. Just print it out and you're on your way!

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Western U.S. and Western Canada   

Recreational Vehicles, RV Camping, & Trip Planning

Tracks & Trails can provide invaluable assistance, whether you are traveling by RV or car. Our unique driving adventures work beautifully either way. But, we love the freedom and flexibility of traveling in an RV. It's a hotel room that goes where hotel rooms don't exist, and you only unpack once! For traveling with kids, it's ideal! We will help you in every aspect of your vehicle rental, from helping you decide what size and configuration will work best for you to giving you extra driving tips. We maintain relationships with only the most reputable rental companies, based on our past clients' satisfaction ratings.

Tracks and Trails     

Hawaii/Big Island    

You are invited to share with us the camping adventure of a lifetime. With over 1500 miles of scenic byways, the big island offers beauty beyond belief. Take your time, enjoy the scenery and spend as many nights as you'd like camped only a few feet from our shores. You may also enjoy camping beneath the lush tropical setting of waterfalls it offers. With an Island RV rental there's no long return drives back to the same hotel room, no cramped rental cars or tour buses, and no hassles with luggage or bell hops,and the same thing night after night.

Island Rv/Hawaii     

RV Treasure Hunting    

Geocaching is a high-tech version of treasure hunting. RVers seek out hidden treasures utilizing GPS coordinates posted on the Internet by those hiding the cache. Using a GPS unit, RV geocachers venture out onto the highway and byways to find the hiding spot of the cache. Once found, a cache may provide the visitor with a wide variety of rewards. If the visitor takes something out of the cache, they are asked to leave something in return. For RVers, the biggest reward is the thrill of the search and the discovery of a place that they have never been. Geocaches are mostly hidden on public recreational lands. They are only hidden on private land if permission has been given by the landowner. encourages hiders to receive permission to hide a Geocache from the land management agency responsible for the area they wish to hide the Geocache in.

Geocaches are never buried. They are mostly hidden in natural crevices created by rocks, stumps & trees. Many are cleverly camouflaged to look like branches, stumps, squirrel & bird nests or birdhouses. The person that hides a cache will leave a hint on the cache page so that a cache seeker will not damage an area trying to find a hidden Geocache.

Private Parks and Campgrounds in the U.S. is the premier source for information on private parks and campgrounds nationwide, so whether you're looking for the perfect park, traveler's tips or things to do when you get there, we're ready to help. Welcome, and enjoy!

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France RV

Enjoy the RV lifestyle à la Française. Renting an RV in France is easy and fun. It allows you to explore a whole new world of open roads -- and there's loads to do and see in the senior-friendly South of France.Even though gasoline is very expensive, by American standards, you can still take a long, traveling vacation for much less than you would spend stopping at hotels and eating in restaurants all the time. Have a look at some of the pros and cons of renting an RV in France.

Motorhome Hire France
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RV in Australia

Welcome to the home of the best motorhome rental deals for seniors aged 55 and over.On this site you'll find everyday low prices from some of Australia's most trusted rental companies plus some great discount coupons exclusively for seniors.
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Home Exchanges

Have you longed to visit faraway places, but just couldn't justify the cost? Maybe the Seniors Vacation and Home Exchange is the answer. Many seniors around the country, or around the world share the same concerns about the high cost of vacations. Seniors Home Exchange can provide you with the very best alternative holiday at a cost that you never thought possible.
You save hundreds and even thousands of dollars on vacation travel. Most of the cost is in getting to your destination. You save on hotels, most meals and depending on the arrangements you make, car rentals and insurance expenses. Making those faraway destinations much more affordable.

Many exchanges include cars and this provides an enormous savings on rental and insurance expenses. There is a charge for membership.

Seniors Home Exchange