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Luggage Retriever

Have you noticed how all bags look alike on the carousels at the airport? How many times have you reached for that black or red piece of luggage and it wasn't yours? Well, we found the perfect accessory to help you retrieve what is rightfully yours - it's called Luggage Retriever - it will locate your bag at the touch of a button from a distance of 60 feet. It lights up and rings when your luggage is near. It is small and can fit on a keychain or in a purse or pocket. The current price is $36.95 - not much to pay for piece of mind and to annoy the airlines if they lose your bag and it continues to beep!

No Cooties Travel Spray

This product sounds like it was made for baby boomers: No Cooties Travel Spray. It's a great item to take with you on short or long flights to cleanse and purify the the air and environment around you. It has a blend of essential oils with anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. The scent is not offensive and is safe enough to spray directly on your face. The 2 oz. pre-mixed spray bottle is well within the TSA guidelines and is priced at $12.00.
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