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Various Community Projects in the U.S.    

For nearly 40 years, Senior Corps programs have connected more than 500,000 Americans to service opportunities in their communities. The Foster Grandparent Program connects volunteers age 60 and over with children and young people with exceptional needs.

The Senior Companion Program brings together volunteers age 60 and over with adults in their community who have difficulty with the simple tasks of day-to-day living.

RSVP offers "one stop shopping" for all volunteers 55 and over who want to find challenging, rewarding, and significant service opportunities in their local communities.

Senior Corps     
(202) 606-5000

Preserving Catalina Island    

The mission of the Catalina Island Conservancy is to be a responsible steward of its lands through a balance of conservation, education and recreation. Caring for 88 percent of Catalina with its 42,000 acres of sweeping valleys, rocky hillsides, oak-covered plateaus, 50 miles of rugged coastline and 200 miles of roads is a daily undertaking.

The Conservancy is responsible for protecting numerous rare and endangered species found on the Island and nowhere else in the world. Conservation efforts, scientific research, and educational outreach persist while the Island welcomes more than one-million visitors a year. Balancing human needs and desires and the needs of the land to stay healthy is challenging indeed.

Through educational outreach and an active volunteer program, citizens of all ages are invited to learn about the Island and to participate in protecting it. The Hike, presented by the Conservancy Education Department, takes visitors and residents on walking tours – mild to wild – into the interior with trained naturalists. Visitors and residents alike are invited to participate in on-going evening and summer educational programming including educational campfires in Avalon and Two Harbors, at Little Harbor, the Wrigley Botanical Garden and various other sites in the interior. The Nature Center at the Airport-in-the-Sky, and the soon-to-be-opened Nature Center at Avalon Canyon, provide residents and visitors with the Island’s natural history including its plants, animals and first human residents – the Tongva Indians. Jeep® Eco-Tours take hearty explorers deep into the interior to less-visited and quite spectacular destinations    

Catalina Island Conservancy     

Sea Turtle Rescue Project in Guatemela    

The mission of Volunteer Adventures is to create and promote volunteer opportunities that improve the lives of others and the environment in which we live.

Volunteer Adventures also believes that a diverse mix of volunteers creates strong programs and lasting experiences. To that end, Volunteer Adventures offers scholarships and other incentives to attract volunteers of differing ethnicities, ages, genders, income levels, and skill sets.

As a volunteer in Guatemala, you will be working at the Sea Turtle Conservation Center in the town of Hawaii. Turtles on the Pacific Coast are endangered because their eggs are prized by local populations as a supplement to their income and diets. On nights that the turtles come to shore to lay eggs, competition for the nests is intense.

Volunteers with our Sea Turtle Project will be heavily involved with the nesting and hatching of sea turtles. You will be walking the beaches at night, seeking nesting mother turtles. When a turtle is found, you will tag and measure it, and gently collect the eggs for transfer to the safety of a hatchery. During certain times of year, you will have the opportunity to participate in the release of hundreds of tiny hatchlings into the sea.

Volunteers at the Conservation Center will also be involved in the monitoring of other endangered species such as caiman (crocodiles) and iguanas, both of which have been hunted for their skins and captured as pets. Additionally, volunteers will have the opportunity to participate in environmental education projects in local communities.

Volunteer Adventures     

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