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Ocean Concepts is located on Oahu, the third largest and most populated island in the Hawaiian Archipelago. Nicknamed "The Gathering Place," Oahu is the center of Hawaiian commerce, education, culture and tourism.

We are family friendly and offer the full array of PADI programs and services from basic snorkeling to advanced instructor training and beyond. Extreme action, adventure, fun and great value for everyone. One of our most popular programs is the PADI Discover Scuba Diving experience which offers everyone (ages 10 up) an opportunity to discover the underwater realm. Although not a certification class, most people participating in this program sign up for further training. In a short class you are taught basic diving skills, then Ocean Concepts' Instructors escort first time divers on an underwater experience of a lifetime.

Whether its daily boat or beach diving, private or group, we have scuba programs and schedules for you while on Oahu. We have the best reef and wreck dives that Oahu and Hawaii have to offer. Tanks, weights, hotel transportation, soft beverages, fresh fruit, light lunch and snacks are included on every boat diving excursion.  

Ocean Concepts

Key Largo, Florida    

A major draw for the Key Largo reefs is the shallow depths, where a diver can get a full hour of bottom time studying the largest variety of fish species anywhere in the Caribbean. Divers can video tape or take underwater photography of the abundance of sea life in Key Largo. For the novice diver there is no better place in the world to polish scuba dive skills, while enjoying the beauty and splendor of Key Largo's reefs and shallow wrecks. For the more intrepid tech diver, Key Largo Florida offers the USCG Cutters Duane & Bibb, and the USS Spiegel Grove. At the intermediate depths of 60ft to 140ft, these wrecks will definitely satisfy that mystical “lust for rust”. Horizon Divers is in the heart of Key Largo, Florida. We are a short boat cruise to Key Largo's 100 beautiful dive sites. That means you're in the water more than in the car or on the boat. We are a full service PADI and IANTD dive center providing an array of standard and unique amenities, not just exceptional Upper Florida Key scuba diving and Key Largo snorkeling. Those amenities begin with iced fruit juices and water on every Key Largo dive trip; freshwater rinse stations on board; spacious, clean and air conditioned scuba dive classroom; wireless internet access; special rates on Key Largo lodging; guest gear pick-up/storage/shipping service; shoreside barbecues; Key Largo party cruises and more.

Horizon Divers     


Dolphins, sharks, wrecks, and reefs. A wide variety of tropical diving adventures await you at UNEXSO, the only place in the world where you can dive in the open ocean with dolphins, dive with sharks, and explore the mystery of sunken ships on a single dive vacation. Shallow Reefs Starting at approximately 20 feet of water, shallow dives are perfect for beginning divers and snorkelers. These reefs offer great color, marine life, and coral.Medium Reefs Located in 40 to 60 feet of water, these reefs are typically scattered coral heads growing into more solid formations. Deep Reefs In 65 to 80 feet of  water,high profile corals are seen  intongue-and-groove formations.

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