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Worldwide Scuba Diving  Directory
Scuba Diving Directory was founded by divers who understand your need for a comprehensive information resource for scuba diving and watersports services. Searching for what you want on the swarming internet space can be a tiresome experience. Hence, they intend to be your one-stop portal for all your diving needs.

Scuba Diving Directory is all about every kinds of watersports worldwide. The main focus is of course like the name suggests, scuba diving. Apart from which, they also bring you wide-ranging information on dive travels and destinations; snorkeling; surfing; freediving; sailing and boating; kayak and the list goes on.

Destinations are worldwide - just click on your areas of interest.

Scuba Diving Directory


Fiji conjures up images of white sandy beaches fringed with coconut trees, romantic moonlit walks along the shore, and the beaming smiles of locals as you join in their fireside songs. For years Fiji has epitomised South Pacific island charm.

Now the islands are well established as a great destination for divers too, with locations such as the Somosomo Strait, Taveuni, Kadavu and Bligh Water all growing in stature among the diving community. While Fiji promises a variety of dive attractions including pelagics, sharks, barrier reefs and wall diving, it is for the spectacular colour of the reefs that Fiji is known as 'The Soft Coral Capital of the World'.

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Island Dreams began in the scuba travel business, more than twenty-five years ago, by providing value and quality scuba diving travel to Cozumel, Mexico. Cozumel is simply a great dive spot and scuba travel vacation destination. Enjoy this excellent new oceanfront 5-star, luxury hotel. The Fiesta Americana is five miles south of town, therefore much closer to the dive sites. This property features multiple swimming pools, restaurants, a beautiful beach club, even an exercise room and jogging trail. The in-house dive operation is Juan Leca's Dive House. The quality of their boats, equipment, and personnel is second to none. Check out the closest hotel to Palancar Reef, and one of the best values in Cozumel. This hotel has been completely renovated subsquent to Hurricane Wilma.   

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Ambergris Cay (pronounced Key) is at the heart of Belize’s dive tourism, the largest of the out islands, and a bustling resort and fishing community.  Ambergris is just 20 minutes by air from Belize City or an hour and 15 minutes by ferry.  With dirt roads, beachside cafes and dive shacks lining the shore, Ambergris Cay is rustic and charming.  There are several restaurants and tourists shops in San Pedro, Ambergris’ largest town. A few yards off the coast of San Pedro is the Hol Chan Marine Preserve, the northernmost point of the Barrier Reef.  The dive sites are so near shore that diving is just a matter of suiting-up. The only exceptions to the rule are the day-long Blue Hole and Half Moon Caye trips that several local dive shops operate.

The Blue Hole, Belize’s most famous dive spot, is a spectacular sinkhole near the center of Lighthouse Reef.  The Blue Hole is best seen from the air where you can see the almost perfect circle, 1000 feet in diameter, changing from the cobalt blue of the Caribbean to a deep azure blue circle then to a deep indigo blue in the center of the circle.  At 140 feet you reach an awesome underwater “cathedral” with alcoves, archways and columns.  The cathedral is a huge submerged cave with stalactites that are 12 feet wide suspended 20 to 60 feet from the cavern ceiling. Best Diving Months: March through May or August.

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