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Bass Fishing

Anglers from all over California and beyond are learning about the excellent bass fishing at the Kelsey Bass Ranch. Daily catches of 50 or more bass are not uncommon, with some reporting upwards to 100 fish in one day. These hard fighting, tackle busting Florida bass are guaranteed to wear out even the most experienced anglers. Please bring plenty of poppers, when the bass are looking up, fish in the 4 to 8 lbs. class are waiting to attack. Kelsey Bass Ranch is a completely private, 120 acre lake with a group picnic area, large barbecue and a concrete launch ramp. Kelsey Bass Ranch is open year around. The lake is best fished by the fly fisherman during the pre-spawn period, early summer and again in the Fall. Depending upon late winter storms, the fishing begins around mid-February and continues through November. The top water action starts around mid-March when the water temperature reaches 60 degrees and will continue through early summer and start again in the Fall.

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Salmon Fishing

Fat Salmon is a Skagway fishing charter business that operates underneath the splendid glacial peaks that surround the city of Skagway. The unique natural geography of the area, combined with recent efforts to enhance fish stocks, has made Skagway fishing charters some of the best and most productive in all of Southeast Alaska. Skagway fishing charters with Fat Salmon begin at Skagway’s small boat harbor, within walking distance from where the cruise ships dock. From there it is a short trip, often less than 5 minutes, to the fishing grounds. Mile-high glaciers forged the depths of Skagway’s waters during the last ice age. These 1000-foot plus depths are prime habitat for four species of Alaska salmon, including the fattest of all salmon, the King or Chinook. Skagway fishing charters target these waters. Captain Joe will make your Skagway fishing charter an unforgettable experience. All gear, snacks and beverages are provided. We let you hook, fight and catch your own fish on your Skagway fishing charter, offering assistance only when you request it. Captain Joe offers experience and a love of the sport and will do everything possible to ensure you have the best chance of catching a fat salmon on your Skagway fishing charter that will be the envy of your friends back home.

Fat Salmon Charters
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Galapagos Sport Fishing

Finally here , fishing tours and charters in the Galapagos are allowed and we are the only company with a permit to do so , after extreme consideration by the Galapagos authorities together with the AIM which is the entity that regulates all activities related to fihing and tourism in the Galapagos ,fishing tours are now allowed under world-class environmental controls and regulations being one of them that sportfishing trips can be done exclusively by local active fishermen in order to stop out of season fishing and the capture of illegal species such as sharks and seacucumbers among others. The Galapagos Islands Sportfishing Company has its roots in the current owner’s grandfather’s arrival to the islands in the 1940s, when the only activity, and therefore means of survival in Galapagos was fishing. We are the only local company run by "Galapagueños" giving work to locals and promoting conservation of marine species and at the same time contributing to the local economy and education.

Galapagos Sport Fishing
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