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Go On Safari in California

Nestled on 400 acres in the heart of California's wine country, Safari West is home for over 400 exotic mammals and birds. Not a zoo, not a drive-through park, it's a wildlife preserve where the whole family can experience some of nature's most beautiful animals in a natural habitat.

Established by Peter Lang in 1989, Safari West gained membership in the American Zoo and Aquarium Association, one of only six private facilities in North America to belong to that prestigious organization. The ongoing mission of Safari West is wildlife preservation through breeding, education, research and public interaction.
What happens at Safari West?

Safari West serves two important functions: first and foremost, they are a wildlife preserve, with several important ongoing projects such as:

  • The propagation of endangered species. Safari West is the home of zebras, giraffes, cheetahs and many more exotic creatures.
  • Under the directorship of Nancy Lang, Safari West is breeding several endangered bird species.
  • Conservation programs are in place for two species of Saharan Desert antelope now extinct in the wild.

But Safari West is more than a preserve. They are dedicated to raising awareness of our exotic neighbors and promoting understanding through in-person contact. That's why they offer safaris year-round. If your only experience with a zebra or giraffe has been at a zoo, you should see these beautiful animals in their natural habitat. You owe it to yourself, and to them.

Safari West

Hart County Travel Ideas

“Hart” of America Eco-Getaway

Discover the breathtaking beauty of the America’s heartland: the lush countryside and farms, underground caverns, river biosphere, and animal life. Take an ecological educational getaway to Hart County Kentucky where Hidden River Cave and its rare blind fish population were nearly lost to groundwater pollution. The restored cave is now an international model of conservation. A guided tour takes you through one of the world’s most scenic cave entrances to a subterranean river. Or take the off-trail Adventure Tour to study the underground ecosystem. The adjacent American Cave Museum (called “a little bit of Smithsonian in rural Kentucky” by Nature Conservancy Magazine) has exhibits on bats, blind fish and other cave animals; cave history, groundwater science and cave geology. Nearby is Kentucky Caverns, part of Kentucky Down Under, an interactive Australian-themed animal park where the owner has created a piece of her homeland with kangaroos, emus, sheep, birds, cultural activities and more. Add to you visit:  a canoe trip down Green River, one of the world’s most biologically diverse rivers; Country Girl at Heart, an environmentally-friendly working farm experience; Kentucky Repertory Theatre; Cub Run Cave; Dennison’s Roadside Market; Historic Horse Cave Arts & Shopping district, Munfordville Historic Walking Tour.

Hart County Tourist Commission
Hart County Travel Website
(270) 218-0386

Trinidad and Tobago

The Paria Springs Project subscribes to The Ecotourism Society's and the IUCN's definitions of ecotourism. The Ecotourism Society says "Ecotourism is responsible travel to natural areas which conserves the environment and improves the welfare of the local people." IUCN defines it as "Environmentally responsible travel and visitation to relatively undisturbed natural areas, in order to enjoy and appreciate nature (and any accompanying cultural features - both past and present) that promotes conservation, has low visitor impact, and provides for beneficially active socio-economic involvement of local populations." Lying in the northern range of Trinidad in the village of Brasso Seco, Paria, Paria Springs is a 1¼-hour drive from Piarco International airport or two hours from the capital, Port of Spain. The drive takes you through the town of Arima, historically a Carib Amerindian settlement, and up into the heavily forested mountains of the Northern Range. On the northern (windward) side of the mountain range, the road winds descending towards the village of Brasso Seco, Paria, then to Paria Springs, nestled deep within the rainforest. Most of the lands bordering this beautiful estate are pristine rainforest. Host Home Accommodations are scattered throughout this village.

Paria Springs Eco Community
Paria Springs Travel Website
(868) 622-8826

Living the Amazon

Amazonat is an ecolodge founded on ecotourism principles. Our goal is to share the untamed beauty of the Amazon with our visitors while following environmental and conservation practices. By teaching both visitors and locals about the value of maintaining the Amazon for future generations, we hope to teach about and implement sustainable practices and preserve this unique area. Group tours have a maximum of 8 persons. Only 2 group tours are allowed in terra firme forests on a daily basis to minimize wear and tear of the rainforest. We avoid showing the forest in a destructive way when examining characteristics of any given species of plant, tree or animal. Injured animals, victims of poaching or wildlife trade brought to the lodge, are nursed to health and then released to the wild. We provide medicines; school supplies and mechanical help to a nearby village. Amazonat supports the nearby community cooperative in cultivating pineapple and other local fruit. Almost all of our staff comes from the surrounding communities and our vegetables, fruit and fish are purchased locally. Guests interact with the local community by visiting the school and medical center. We focus on showing the real Amazonian way of life without any “tourist nostalgia”.

Amazonat Travel Website
00 55 11 3253 6114

Peru's Wildlife

Our lodge on the Tahuayo River has access to a great variety of ecosystems that we can explore as well as many native communities downriver. There are sufficient English speaking native men and women guides so that each person can go at their own pace and according to their interests. This is ideal for people who do not want to be stuck with a large group on a pre-set itinerary. You can choose a photographer's pace, a soft pace or a ruggedly adventurous pace. You can concentrate more on birdwatching, canoeing, canopy exploration, fishing or native culture. You can be active before breakfast or well into the evening. Tourists with passionate interests in primates, orchids, native culture or other subjects may request to participate in scientific studies sponsored by Amazonia Expeditions.
Peru Jungle Travel Website

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