About Boomeropia

Boomeropia is a travel Web site for Boomers and by Boomers. It was the brainchild of Liz Dahl, a former travel agency owner and public relations consultant who continued to receive calls from her friends and colleagues about booking their vacations while she was running a full-time PR firm. It became apparent that people over 50 were not being catered to when it came to travel - the trips being advertised seemed to be geared to a younger demographic and ignored the needs and desires of the more mature traveler.  

Once she explored the statistics, it was apparent that the over 50 demographic controls 75% of the nation's wealth and that the majority of all travel booked, is booked by people 50 and older. In addition, there are approximately 88 million "boomers" and 44 million are online. Not only were her friends a barometer of the current climate, but the statistics substantiated the feelings.

The other factor that made Liz passionate about launching this website is the mail she receives on a daily basis. "There are ads for nursing homes, burial plots, hearing aids and pharmaceutical companies - nothing that is appealing to the "fun side of fifty." We cannot think of anything more exciting, fun and interesting to do than travel.", said Liz. As a result, Boomeropia compiles through research, personal experience and the experience of friends and editors, the best and most unique travel destinations, deals, tips, and information on the Web to cater to your sense of adventure and recreation.