Holy Land   

Christian Bible Land Tours

Special 10 Day bible Land tour to the Holy Land. Visit the ancient city of Caesarea. Boat ride on the Sea of Galilee in a replica of an ancient fishing vessel used in the time of Jesus. Visit Jericho, one of the oldest Cities in the world. The panoramic view of the Holy City of Jerusalem from the Mt. of Olives. The Church of the Holy Sepulchre and the Garden Tomb. The Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem. Float in the Dead Sea and visit Masada and the Shrine of the Book where the Dead Sea scrolls are housed.

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Presbyterian Tour of Scotland   

Emphasis is made on the Presbyterian heritage in Scotland a well as on Scottish history, the magnificent landscapes, and the welcoming, friendly people. On this trip you'll experience the many wonders of this magical land - the large cities and towns and villages alike, all steeped with a rich culture and history; spectacular scenic drives in the highlands; plus some of the fascinating islands to the west and north! Learn about Scotland's role in the Protestant Reformation and key Reformer John Knox, its turbulent history of kings and queens, and gain insight into the politics of this proud land.

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Sacred Sites   

Nearly every culture in human history has sought to honor the divine, the mysterious, the supernatural or the extraordinary in some way, and this tends to happen at sacred sites - special places where the physical world seems to meet the spiritual world. These might include awe-inspiring natural places, sites connected to a god, saint or hero, places where miracles occurred, or buildings made sacred for worship or ritual.

Sacred sites are spiritually meaningful to millions today and the ancient practice of pilgrimage is as popular as it ever was. But you don't have to be a believer to recognize that holy places, religious buildings, and sacred art are some of the most beautiful and fascinating sights you'll encounter in your travels. Because of the great importance of the sacred, they have received the very best in artistic skill, funding, time, materials and labor.

Sacred Destinations is an ecumenical guide to more than 1,100 sacred sites, holy places, pilgrimage destinations, religious architecture and sacred art in 55 countries around the world. Our richly illustrated articles are accompanied by photo galleries of over 15,000 high-quality images, city and country maps, and lots of practical travel information.

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We offer Religious Tours for groups and individuals throughout Spain and Portugal. Choose from a variety of tours that offer transportation by motor coach, rail or ship. There are also many tours to suit all budget types and for all age groups including school groups and senior citizen travel. The choices do not end there either, there are also special interest tours such as Art, Music, Pilgrimages and adventure travel.

Fatima    As group travel is one of the best ways to develop community among people, we would be honored to host a trip for your church or organization. With a wonderful variety of vacations to choose from, you simply decide which type of travel experience would most perfectly fit your church, ministry, or organization’s interests. We’ve earned a renowned reputation for offering trips that are professionally organized and personally enriching. We look forward to sharing the world and God’s creation with you.     

Pilgrimage Tours    

Pilgrimages - journeys to sacred places  - are as old as civilization.  Since the earliest times, such journeys have been made as acts of devotion, penance, or thanksgiving or in search of blessings or miracles.  The concept crosses all ideological boundaries.    

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Religious Cruises    

The important role that Greece has played in history is widely known; philosophy, the arts, medicine and democracy. But there is a great page in the history of Christianity written in Greece. Come with us and experience up close and in comfort the places where Apostle Paul lived and preached. Now Steps of Paul Coastal Cruises has made it easy to travel through the history of Christianity with well-researched itineraries, highly educated guides, our actors and singers, all in safety and comfort. Choose from a variety of coastal cruise programs in Greece, Turkey, the Holy Lands and Italy or Charter your own Ship. Be pampered by the ship’s staff, explore new destinations, extend your holidays by choosing one of our Pre & Post cruise City Packages and gather along with other people by reaching out to each other and enjoy the joy of fellowship.     

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Europe, Jordan and Egypt    

As one of the world's most recognized travel companies, Globus has earned a reputation for offering vacations that are professionally organized and personally enriching. We help you focus on the most important aspects of your trip-sharing faith, community, and God's creation.

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Land of the Bible    

America Israel Travel, Inc. specializes in high quality tours to biblical destinations. We offer more than 75 tour programs to Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Greece and Turkey. We strive for excellence and professionalism and are recognized for our high standards, experienced staff, friendly and professional service and customized programs.    

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Holy Land    

Special 8 Day Holy Land tour to the ancient city of Caesarea. Boat ride on the Sea of Galilee in a replica of an ancient fishing vessel used in the time of Jesus. Visit Jericho, one of the oldest Cities in the world. The panoramic view of the Holy City of Jerusalem from the Mt. of Olives. The Church of the Holy Sepulchre and the Garden Tomb and the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem.    

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An Ideal Centre for visiting Stonehenge, Bath and the Jurassic Coast    

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US Day Pilgrimages    

In the midst of the busy holiday season, give yourself the gift of a day of rest and reflection. On this pilgrimage we will use the gardens and art of the Cathedral to discover the lessons the winter landscape has to teach us about the interior landscape of our souls. Experience contemplative walks, prayer, and times of silence in the sacred space of the Cathedral.    

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Oberammergau Passion Play    

The Oberammergau Passion play was first performed in the time of the plague that decimated central Europe during the Thirty years War at the beginning of the 17th Century. In 1632, the plague even penetrated the remote mountain valleys of the Alps. Although the villagers kept guard to prevent the plague reaching the village, a man from Oberammergau working as a farm labourer in a village not too far carried the disease home. Within a year, the Black Death had claimed over a fifth of the approximately 1,500 inhabitants of Oberammergau. With no end to the plague in sight, the village council and council of elders vowed on 27th October 1633 in the parish church to perform Passion plays depicting the passion of Christ (AS) every ten years if God would only show mercy and release their village from the clutches of the plague. The rest is history; from this hour on, no more villagers in Oberammergau died or became infected with the plague. The Passion play was performed for the first time in 1634. And throughout the intervening centuries, despite many dangers and threats, and historical and cultural changes, the villagers of Oberammergau have maintained their solemn promise. The text and music are based on material from the19th Century-according to a decision reached by the villagers .More than 2,000 villagers take part in the Passion plays-mainly on stage, in the choir and in the orchestra. As in covered seating for around 4,600 spectators is available from May through end of September every 10 years. Over the whole season, this means that half a million visitors can enjoy the world famous performances. Tickets are generally sold out well in advance.    

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