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For the past 20 years, Adventure Canada has been offering comfortable small ship expeditions to the far reaches of Canada and the world. Join our top-notch lecturers, authors, musicians and scientists aboard the luxurious, 94-passenger MS Andrea as we explore the art, culture, nature and music of the Celtic world on our Celtic Quest Voyage, from Spain to Scotland, or our Scotland Slowly cruise through the Scottish isles. Call us and mention Boomeropia for 20% off available cabins!

Be part of the experience. Join the adventure.

Adventure Canada
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Calling All Classic Car Lovers!


Classic Car Hire World is the single biggest resource on the web devoted to hiring out classic cars, modern performance sports cars and exotic cars.  Their site contains details of over 160 Companies spread across 15 Countries - 16 if you count Scotland as a separate country (Australia; Austria; Belgium; Canada; England & Wales; France; Germany; Holland (Netherlands); Ireland; Italy; New Zealand; Scotland; Spain; South Africa; Switzerland and USA), and over 1,500 cars, with more being added week by week.

Classic Car Hire started at about the same time in the UK and the USA in the mid 1990s and has spread to most countries where people love to drive classic cars.  In some parts of Europe, notably Austria, Germany,  the Netherlands and Switzerland classic cars are generally referred to as 'Oldtimers' rather than classics.  'Classics' is the term normally given to the cars from the fifties, sixties and seventies.  There are also numerous companies renting out modern 'classic' and performance sports cars which in the USA are generally referred to as 'exotic' cars.  You can hire anything from an AC Cobra to a Volkswagen, a 1916 Crossley or 1929 Studebaker right through to the latest 2009 model Bentley, Ferrari or Lamborghini.

There are three main routes through their website. 

  • Firstly if you are looking to rent a sports car in a particular country, or part of a country, or just planning a trip somewhere, then select Countries, choose the Country that interests you and then click on the Company in the right area of the map. 
  • Secondly, if you are looking to hire a specific make and model of car, click on Marques/Makes and then select the appropriate Marque and then Model from those shown. You will be presented with a list of all available cars for hire, sorted by Country, showing their details, the company offering them for rental and their location.
  • Thirdly, if you are looking to hire a car from a specific year or decade, click on Date Search and then enter the Earliest and Latest years in the boxes provided. You will be presented with a list of all available cars for hire from the relevant date, sorted by Country, showing their details, the company offering them for rental and their location.

Classic Car Hire World

Aspen, Colorado
BUMPS FOR BOOMERS ® mogul skiing and powder skiing program was designed by Boomers ... for Boomers ... and is taught by Boomers. If you are a Boomer skier they understand your needs. 87% of their customers are age 50 or older.
Teaching Boomers how to ski moguls and how to ski powder is the ONLY thing that they do.

This laser-sharp focus enables you to quickly achieve a real breakthrough in your skiing. 84% of customers surveyed last season rated BUMPS FOR BOOMERS ® as SIGNIFICANTLY BETTER than other ski lessons that they had previously taken.

Participants will learn the prerequisites to good mogul technique:

   1. how to achieve and maintain better balance;
   2. speed control techniques for moguls and powder;
   3. tactics that make skiing moguls easy and fun.

We train on skiboards for days one and two. The third and fourth days provide a coached transition back to traditional length skis on a wider range of ever-more challenging terrain.

By the end of the clinic intermediate-level skiers will rediscover their passion and enthusiasm for skiing and can expect to enjoy, and feel completely comfortable, skiing intermediate and advanced mogul runs.


Senegal to Spain 2009

From Senegal's energetic capital, Dakar, to the volcanic islands of the eastern Atlantic, from the shores of magical Morocco to the picturesque coast of Spain, our epic voyage tells tales of conquest and colonization, reveals bewitching landscapes and geological wonderlands, and showcases an amazing...

Trip Date: March 31 - April 13, 2009

Adventure Canada Travel Website

Celtic Quest 2009

Journey with us to the far edges of Western Europe as we delve into history, culture, music and landscape: the threads that unite the remaining Celtic corners of Spain, France, Ireland, England and Scotland.

To shatter all the usual stereotypical images of Spain, Galicia is the place to go...

Trip Date: May 11 - 23, 2009

Adventure Canada Travel Website

Scotland Slowly 2009

Scotland's western and northern isles offer a rich supply of culture, heritage and natural history. In Medieval Times an already archaic society in the Hebrides evolved into the Lordship of the Isles, a sea-kingdom blending Gael and Viking under the powerful domination of Clan Donald. In the north, ...

Trip Date: May 23 - June 2, 2009

Adventure Canada Travel Website

Into the Northwest Passage

The quest for the Northwest Passage has occupied the minds of Western civilization for half a millennium. The English called the hypothetical route the Northwest Passage, while the Spanish called it the Strait of Anián. The desire to establish such a route motivated much of the European exploration ...

Trip Date: August 21 - September 1, 2009

Adventure Canada Travel Website

Labrador and the East Coast Arts Float

We will join our friends from the Walrus Foundation, this time on a southerly route which will take us on a journey of artistic and intellectual exploration. Travelling through the grand landscape and stimulated by a world class resource team, we?ll draw our inspiration from the riches of Atlantic ...

Trip Date: September 26 - October 6, 2009

Adventure Canada Travel Website

Greek Islands Sailing  

Aegean Sea, Taverna-lined harbours, fresh seafood, magnificent ruins, sailing the Greek Isles. This yacht adventure is the ultimate introduction to what many consider the world's most beautiful islands - The Greek Islands. Each island is different, but all have beautiful beaches, crystal clear blue water, fantastic scenery and arguably the friendliest people in Europe. Feel free to loll about on stunning Mediterranean beaches, or try some more adventurous activities such as hiking or snorkeling. Explore ancient Greek archeological sites, walk along white sand beaches, enjoy nightly strolls along taverna-lined harbors, dine on fresh seafood and other Greek specialties and don't forget to try the Ouzo. The Greek Island Adventure is divided into three segments, allowing you the freedom and flexibility of sailing from one to three weeks. Spend 8 to 22 days visiting some of the Mediterranean's most beautiful islands aboard one of our 50-foot yachts. Each of our yachts is fully licensed, complete with comfortable berths and roomy decks for sunbathing. Our friendly captains have years of sailing experience on the Aegean Sea and are a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the local islands and culture. Since these trips run in both directions, not only do you have the choice of how many days you want to sail, you also have the convenience of starting whenever and wherever you like. Please note wind and weather conditions do have an impact on which of the islands we visit, but we promise all are equally spectacular!

G.A.P Adventures   
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Our Guatemala tours take you through the ancient Maya ruins of Tikal, the volcanoes of the Guatemala highlands, and the colonial city of Antigua. Visit indigenous families and take in the colorful local culture on an interactive Guatemala tour. You'll wander the beautiful mountain town of Chichicastenango, famous for its vibrant and lively market. There is also the lovely Lake Atitlan, guarded by looming volcanoes. At the remarkable Chiminos Lodge, you'll enjoy an archaeological preserve deep in the jungle of the Peten region. You'll journey from your mahogany bungalow into the forest to see what diverse wildlife, including howler monkeys and toucans, awaits you. For a more heart-racing adventure, check out the Mayan Multisport, where you bike, canoe, and sea kayak your way around the country while also getting to know the locals.   
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Stock Car Racing
If you have a need for speed, this is the adventure for you. This school has been around for 25 years and has a variety of courses. There is the "Ride & Drive," Day Courses, Graduate Refresher Courses, Customized Programs and Corporate Programs. Prices range from $99 to $2,500, depending on the course .A variety of tracks are used - from Richomond to Darlington to Atlanta to Bristol. Safety is a top priority as you cruise up to 160 mph.

Buck Baker Racing School  
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800-529-2825 in the United States
Schools run in various locations through December 13, 2008

This is for those in top physical form who want to improve their survival skills. Grauduating from these courses could earn you a top spot on "Survivor." Catch fish with your bare hands, trek through the mountains, build shelters and much, much more. Courses are offered in Field Skills, Explorer, Training and Custom programs. Some courses require a complete physical examination and doctor's approval. Programs run from 7 to 28 days and range in price from $1,100 to $3,300.

Boulder Outdoor Survival School 
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Courses run from May through August, 2008

Reach great heights with Acadia Mountain Guides. Here you can learn rock climbing, snow climbing and ice climbing. There is avalanche training and mountaineering skills from beginning to intermediate level. You may find yourself in Maine, Ecuador, China, Quebec, Bolivia or Nevada. Programs and expeditions range from 1 to 16 days.

Acadia Mountain Guides
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Through March, 2008

Gladiator Training


You too can be like Russell Crowe - learn to be a Gladiator in 2 months and have a holiday in Rome. Hand-to-hand combat and protective armor is involved. If adventure is your game, here is where to enroll for Gladiator's School in Rome.

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phone 39 06 51607951


Spend a week or two this summer blowing your own in Valle Crucis, North Carolina. That's the home of the North American Academy of Piping and Drumming. World class instructors will train you in one week increments ranging from $500 for one week to $1,080 for two weeks and $275 for day students. This includes room and board.   

North American Academy of Piping and Drumming   
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Classes run in weekly increments from June 22 - July 25, 2008

Bike Building   

Enjoy the wonders of Southern Oregon while you learn to build your own bike . The United Bike Institute and its instructors will have you building, welding and framing your own bikes in no time. They offer courses from beginning to advanced and you will earn a certificate upon completion of the course. Prices vary on the sessions depending upon materials used. While there, be sure to visit the world famous Oregon Shakespeare Festival.   

United Bicycle Institute   
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Classes run throughout the year.


Founded 30 years ago, this is a carefully designed program of skill drills, math formulas and scientific techniques enabling bowlers to learn with the tools to constantly improve their game. An incredible team of instructors are on hand to teach  2 day clinics at $295 to 4 day clinics at $429. 5 day camps are also available. Clinics are located at various locations around the United States.   

Dick Ritger's Bowling Camps   
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Shooting Pool

Dust off your pool table and learn a few tricks with trained instructors at pool school. The College of Cueing Arts and Sciences in Dallas, TX provide classes and video analysis in four courses from beginning to advanced to expert to instructor certification training. Two and Three day classes range from $400 to $1,000. By appointment only.  

College of Cueing Arts and Sciences   
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Learn A New Language

Immerse yourself in other cultures - stay in 4 star hotels or with host families and learn up to 30 languages. The Club 50+ Mature Adult Programs allow you to study with others in your age group. Language classes are normally held in the morning, leaving the rest of the day for a full program of cultural activities, trips, museum and gallery visits, lingering lunches and excursions to nearby areas of interest. 50 countries, 30 languages - that should keep you busy for a while!   

Languages Abroad   
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800-219-9924 in the United States
0 800 404 7738 in the United Kingdom
00 1 416 925 2112 worldwide

Horseback Riding
Get a feel of the wild west or just have the ride of your life as you trek through the open range of the American West or ride through the cloud forest in Ecuador. Hidden Trails offers world-wide locations with programs designed from the beginner to the advanced. Be a part of a working ranch, participate in cattle drives, take a trek on a covered wagon or attend a riding clinic. The 8 day cloud forest ride in Ecuador is $1,325 - land only.

Hidden Trails
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ELDERTREKS is the world's first adventure travel company designed exclusively for people 50 and over. With 20 years of experience, we offer active, off-the-beaten-path, small-group adventures by both land and sea in over 80 countries. Our journeys focus on adventure, culture and nature. Choose a wildlife safari in Tanzania, explore Mongolia by camel, hike to Patagonia's Torres del Paine, navigate the awesome ruins of Angkor Wat or step foot on the Antarctic Peninsula. Your adventure starts with ElderTreks!

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