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Tuscany, Italy    

At the heart of Tuscany there is a spring from which healing waters have flowed for centuries. The Etruscans and Romans discovered the cleansing and fortifying properties of the waters and made use of them accordingly.
The waters obtain their healing forces from the depths of the earth, where they are enriched with valuable minerals and sulphur before rising once again to the surface.

Since its opening in Spring 2004, ADLER THERMAE Spa & Wellness Resort has succeeded in becoming one of the number one vacation spots in Tuscany.

At  ADLER THERMAE Spa Resort, the combination of nature with modern architecture, Italian nonchalance and international luxury creates a stylish atmosphere of elegance and charm.

Whether on your private hotel room balcony or on our sunny terrace: you can enjoy the view of the azure-blue pools with its fascinating mountain backdrop and beautiful Tuscan countryside.

Light and enjoyable cuisine is the best recipe for a holistic sense of well-being. Our kitchen chefs use fresh, local produce and ingredients to create a wide variety of sophisticated meals and Tuscan specialties.

Hotel ADLER Thermae
+39 0577 889 001

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