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SENIOR stay is dedicated for persons over 55 years.

5 nights
half board
breakfast: buffet tables
dinner: choice from 3 meals of daily offer
initial consultation with physician

If you arrive later and miss the initial medical examination on arrival day, you can take it on next day morning.

5 per stay
- 1x thermal bath with pack (40 min.)
- 1x classical partial massage (20 min.)
- 1x bubble bath with supplement of herbs and salts (15 min.)
- 1x turf pack (15 min.)
- 1x electrotherapy (10 min.)
daily admittance to new indoor swimming pool and sitting pool with water attractions free of charge (10:00 AM - 05:30 PM)
- fitness room

Please note the reconstruction work in hotel Flóra from 03.01. - 31.03.2008.
The reconstruction work covers the hotel rooms on the first floor.
Hotel Flóra thanks you very much for your understanding and even through the reconstruction the personnel of the hotel wishes you to spend an enjoyable stay.

Sunflowers     421 54 474 2450


For centuries, the natural hot mineral springs now known as Wilbur Hot Springs have drawn those seeking their powerful healing properties. Since long before the days of the stagecoach, the mineral hot springs resort has been a source of respite, retreat, and rejuvenation for weary travelers. Throughout time, all those who have come here have left feeling better than when they arrived – having warmed the body, eased the heart and replenished the soul.

The greatest gift of Wilbur Hot Springs is the natural hot mineral water. Sheltered by a Fluminarium, the water is channeled into three flumes containing water at a variety of temperatures. Completely private, clothing is optional while taking the waters; however, it is required everywhere else on property.

Basking in the solitude and silence is a favorite pastime for those who come to Wilbur. Immersed in natural healing waters and surrounded by forests bursting with wildflowers, Wilbur Hot Springs is a place to relax – to just be.
Here, you can be as active as you wish - or not. The library offers space for reading, meditating, writing and snoozing. Settle in to the peace and quiet.

Wilbur Hot Springs     


Warm Mineral Springs is believed to be the “Original Fountain of Youth” sought by the Spanish explorer Ponce de Leon. Believers to the healing powers of Warm Mineral Springs say that the highly mineralized waters help ease back pain, gastrointestinal illnesses, various skin diseases, sinusitis and many other ailments.

The Spring's 87 degree water can provide relief for many ailments including skin conditions, stress, pain, muscular problems and arthritis. Visitors travel from around the world to soak in its soothing waters.

Over 65,000 people every year enjoy this world famous natural spring. Most of these guests are Europeans, Canadians and Asians (or Americans of similar ethnic background) whose cultures place a high value on the wellness aspects of mineral springs. Nine-million gallons of water a day flow through this 1.4 acre circular lake, the color of dark clouds. Even if you enter the waters with nothing that ails you, you'll still feel better when you get out. It's like having a really good massage. And your skin will glow. Over 70,000 guests visited The Springs last year and walked around the circumference or swam in the lake, which has the highest mineral content in the USA; Third highest in the world!    

The Springs     

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