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New travel Web site aims at baby boomers

A new travel Web site for baby boomers,, recently went online with information geared to the 50-something set, tips on packing, international travel advice, a large, easy-to-read typeface, and categories, including "Adventure" (from gladiator training to stock-car racing), "Botanical" (including a 13-day stay in the Tien Shen Mountains of Kazakhstan), "Fishing" (angling for Amazon peacock bass in Brazil and salmon in Alaska), "Handicap" (barrier-free villas in St. Croix), "Rail" (Eurostar to Luxury Trains/India), to "Money Is No Object" (a $98,000 per-person, round-the-world jaunt in a private jet; sail off Bora Bora Island, walk the corridors of Catherine Palace in St. Petersburg).


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