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Green Island, Taiwan    

Green Island, once known as "Fire Island", is a small island located 33 kilometers in the Asian Pacific Ocean off the coast of South Eastern Taiwan. Having a population of 2000 on an area of 16,2 square kilometers, the island was formed by volcanic action which left a curved and complex coastline. Coastal beach terraces and cliffs drop to colorful coral reefs where schools of tropical fish make their abode. Along the shoreline, white coral beaches can be found and numerous coves which lead into warm tropical waters.

Guests from all over the world are always pleasantly surprised by the excellent diving here at Green Island - a little known diving paradise in East Asia off the south east coast of Taiwan. Coral reefs abound around the island are very easy to access (over 205 different kinds of hard and soft coral are to be found including Mountain coral - only to be found in the warm Japanese current). Snorkeling and scuba diving excursions are well organized and first timers can enjoy guided, supervised snorkeling with lifejackets and lifebuoys. Optical diving masks are also provided which is particularly welcome for those wearing glasses and contact lenses.

Green Island Adventure-Diving     
886 972 065 479


Bali Scuba gives the highest priority to safety. All our diving staff are PADI Instructors or PADI Divemasters, and we carry oxygen and a complete diving first aid kit on all trips. Our diving boat is equipped with a full complement of life jackets, and boat to shore communication equipment is always on board. We choose dive sites based on both the level and experience of the diver, and the conditions on the day.

Our PADI Instructors teach from introductory Discover Scuba Diving up to Divemaster level. Our intention is not only to ensure our divers have a fun time and meet all criteria to succeed on their courses, but also that they experience the best diving Bali has to offer whilst doing so.

At Bali Scuba we strongly believe safaris to be the best way to see the best diving Bali has to offer. Being basically circular and of a manageable size, Bali is very well suited to extended trips of between 2 - 9 days. As with day trips, everything is taken care of for the divers so they don't need to worry about arranging equipment, tanks, accommodation, food or transport.

Bali Scuba


With 3,165 Km of coastline and clean unpolluted waters, Oman is one of the best kept secrets in the diving world.

The diving available in Oman provides adventure and enjoyment with dramatic wall drop-offs to scenic coral lined fjords, ranging in depth from 6-40 meters. Oman enjoys good sea conditions with an average visibility of 20-30 meters. Several superb dive sites encircle the Capital Area, including Fahal Island, Dimaniyyat Islands and Cemetery Bay.
Night dives are popular and divers are often astounded by the amount of phosphorescence found in Oman's night-time waters. During winter months, the sea temperature drops to 20-25 C° and one may require a 5 mm wetsuit. In summer, as the sea temperature rises, a 3 mm wetsuit will suffice.

Sea-life is abundant regardless of chosen site, with a variety of hard and soft corals present, and shoals of fish every where. The diving is easy diving with good intact corals and a spectacular range of fish, with a possibility to see dolphins on the way to the dive sites.

A number of Diving Agents do operate in the Sultanate, and can arrange trips to the numerous diving sites surrounding the Sultanate at convenient conditions.

Oman Ministry of Tourism
968 24588899

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