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Pet Vacation Homes

So you want to take the whole family along and rent a house somewhere in the United States. That means the WHOLE family which includes your pet. Well, here's the site for you if you are traveling within the U.S. They list hotels, homes, cabins, etc. and all of them are pet friendly. It's easy to navigate and you know that every family member will be welcome. All you need to do is pack up and go.

Pet Vacation Homes Travel Website

Pet Airways

We know you love your pets and we've found the perfect way for them to fly - they now have their own airline!

Pet Airways is the first airline exclusively dedicated to pets - no humans please - and they take the job of providing a comfortable experience for pets very seriously.

They'll do everything in their power to make sure your pets get the best care during their journey because they're committed to taking care of our pet "pawsengers" as if they were their own.

There's also a lot of good information on the site.

Pet Airways

Worldwide Pet Travel Resource

Who says you can't take your pet with you? Stick with us as we discover more and more pet friendly establishments all over the world. As a matter of fact, we're currently researching Community Colleges that accept pets (there are more than you think) so that your dog can earn an associates degree in web technology, create a start up, raise venture capital, go public and--badda-bing, badda-boom--suddenly you're driving a shiny new (and appropriately named) Land "Rover".
(845) 297-5150.


Flying and Travel Information

Pet Flight is an information web site. They do not book flights for people or pets. If you have a question, be sure and see if it is addressed in the specific airline's detail page. This site covers the rules for every airline. They include a pet travel report, pet incidents, service animals - everything needed to transport your pets anywhere in the world.

Pet Flight
Pet Flight Travel Website


Camping With Your Dog

Picture yourself and your dog enjoying the great outdoors as you train on lush green fields, with vistas of distant mountains on the horizon. All of our Camps take place in quintessential Vermont settings, the kind that give Vermont its well-deserved reputation for natural beauty and splendor. We offer a wide range of activities at each Camp so that you can try out lots that's new. You may find your dog has talents you've never dreamed of. We take pride in the delicious, freshly-prepared food at all our Camps, with all-you-can-eat choices for everyone, including vegetarians. Ask anyone who's been to camp about the food and you'll get rave reviews. Veterinarians are available nearby at all Camps, day or night.

Camp Gone to the Dogs
Camp Gone to the Dogs Travel Website

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