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The exhibition 'Peoples of the World' is an introductory exhibition, which provides a journey around the globe. It features rare religious artefacts from America before Colombus, the world´s oldest painting by South American Indians, prairie Indian costumes, African sculpture and jewellery, luxury objects from the court of the Turkish Sultan, Indian temple sculptures, Javanese shadow-play figures, handicrafts from China and Japan, paintings and figures depicting the life and teachings of Buddha, and much, much more.

The oldest objects in the collection stem from 'The Indian Chamber', which formed part of the the Royal Cabinet of Curiosities from around 1650 and included objects from China, East India and other remote places. The collection expanded rapidly in the 19th century as objects were brought home from expeditions and from Danish colonial possessions around the world. The ethnographic collection contains objects both from cultures and societies that still exist and from those that are now gone.   

The national Museum of Denmark    
(45) 3313 4411

North Carolina   

The High Point Museum and Historical Park has earned the status of being the first certified "Senior Friendly" museum in the state. The Senior Friendly designation comes out of the North Carolina Division on Aging's Senior Friendly Initiative created to develop senior friendly communities. Today in Guilford County, adults 65 and older make up 12 percent of the population; in 25 years that figure is estimated to be 18 percent. The North Carolina Division of Aging has touted the Senior Friendly Initiative as a way to remove barriers to services so seniors have an opportunity to remain an integral part of their communities. So far the High Point Museum and two other cultural venues have applied for the Senior Friendly certification but only the museum has earned the title to date.

High Point Museum
(336) 885-1859

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