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Worldwide Rentals and Tours   

In 1992, EagleRider pioneered the Harley-Davidson motorcycle rental concept and the guided motorcycle tour business. Today, we are the world's largest motorcycle tourism company specializing in rentals of Motorcycles, ATVs, Dirt Bikes, Scooters, Snowmobile, and Watercraft. EagleRider understands the needs of motorcycle enthusiasts and adventure travelers; we offer a huge selection of perfectly maintained Harley, Honda and BMW motorcycles and allow one-way rentals or guided tours between franchise rental facilities located in the most desirable tourist destinations in the world.

You can choose from guided tours to self-drive (hotel and bike) and adventure.   

Eagle Rider   
Eagle Rider Travel Website


Southeast Asia   

An A.M.A motorcycle tour will be like no other trip you've ever experienced.  An A.M.A motorcycle tour can easily become the trip of your lifetime.  If you suffer from wanderlust, a yearning for roads less traveled, come ride with ASIAN MOTORCYCLE ADVENTURES.  And come soon before the old ways are lost forever.

The motorcycles we ride, dual-purpose, enduro-style, lightweight bikes, are eminently suited for the terrain in Southeast Asia. This region is filled with so many mountains and so many curves that only infrequently do we hit speeds exceeding 100 kph (60 mph); maneuverability and durability are our utmost concerns. In addition, the road system here is not up to Western standards, so sooner rather than later you will be thankful you are riding a machine that glides over rough ground. Our bikes have consistently proven themselves time and again on the toughest roads in the most remote regions in Laos and Cambodia. A mechanic accompanies every motorcycle tour and he will have your bike warmed every morning, oil topped, chain lubed, tire pressure checked, and even the morning dew will be wiped off your seat and tank. By not having to worry about your motorcycle's maintenance, this frees up 100% of your time to fully enjoy the pleasures surrounding you.

Asian Motorcycle Adventures   
Asian Motorcylce Adventures Travel Website



Perú explorers - Peru Motorcycle Tours, has designed a unique series of programs enabling you to explore Peru and its neighbouring countries in a very special way that mixes adventure with culture. On Honda XR bikes you will have the freedom to really get to know the culture and landscapes you pass through. We will take you through remote towns and landscapes that vary from beautiful fertile valleys to the world's most arid deserts. We will cross the Andes, seeing Lake Titicaca and visiting Cotahuasi and Colca, the world's deepest canyons. Along the way we will glimpse the American cameloids (llama, alpaca, vicuña and guanaco), pink flamingos, sea lions and seals and the Humboldt penguin.

Peru Explorers   
Peru Explorers Travel Website
+51 84 9651588

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