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Meditation is for everyone, regardless of religious background, race, ethnicity, gender, or orientation. We welcome everyone, including people of all faiths, to any of our Kadampa meditation centers throughout the state of Florida and beyond, in the now 1100 Kadampa meditation centers and groups worldwide.

Meditation is a method for developing inner peace by working with the mind. First we learn how to identify our different positive and negative mental states, and then we apply methods for eliminating negative states and cultivating positive ones.

On this site, you'll also find information on all Kadampa Buddhist Centers and branches in Florida, Kadampa Buddhism in the USA and worldwide, Buddhist Festivals, Buddhist Temples, and more. There is a link to all you'll need by way of Buddhist meditation supplies, whether it be books, audio, or cards and posters.  It is traditional in Kadampa Buddhist Centers to do regular meditation retreats. This allows us to digest the teachings we have heard and to gain some precious familiarity with them. The more sessions we can attend, the more peaceful and concentrated our mind will become, and the more relaxed and happy we will feel.

Meditation in Florida        
954-537-9191 / check for all other Florida locations


Shambhala Mountain Center is a mountain valley retreat located on 600 acres in northern Colorado. Since 1971 the Center has offered hundreds of programs on Buddhist meditation, yoga and other contemplative disciplines. Tamed by thirty years of use as a contemplative retreat, Shambhala Mountain Center is a place where one of the basic truths of Buddhism—that people can be profoundly open to the wisdom of the present moment—is always readily available.

Shambhala Mountain Center is both an introductory and in-depth training center for students of the Buddhist teachings. The Center is also a non-sectarian facility where the insights of Buddhism can mix with other traditions of human transformation and be applied to educational, cultural, artistic and business disciplines. Shambhala Mountain Center is available for use by third party groups for their own retreats and conferences and by individuals interested in their own personal growth.

Shambhala Mountain Center     

Berkshire Mountains, Massachusetts    

Kripalu offers a curriculum of more than 750 educational programs and spiritual retreats attended by over 25,000 individuals each year. Kripalu’s faculty includes world-renowned experiential teachers along with prominent visionaries, authors, artists, and inspirational speakers. All programs are carefully designed or selected to serve the needs of a broad spectrum of people, ranging from those likely to appeal to people just beginning their transformative journey, along with those likely to serve the needs of longtime practitioners. Some programs draw from the world’s great wisdom traditions while others are based on the pioneering work of contemporary teachers. A program offering that has tremendous breadth and depth naturally flows from our guiding view, which embraces all systems and techniques that help harmonize body, mind, and spirit, create balance and thriving, and return individuals to the vibrancy that is their birthright. In the face of such diversity, one thing can be guaranteed: every Kripalu program will bring you into the presence of a leading figure in his or her field and invite you to explore and celebrate the wonder and mystery of life.

While grounded in yoga, it is important to understand that Kripalu does not espouse a narrow or sectarian mindset. According to the Kripalu tradition, yoga is an honest and unfettered inquiry into all practices, philosophies, techniques, and approaches that produce thriving for individuals, families, communities, societies, and the planet. This "nondenominational yoga" includes perennial wisdom gleaned from all the world’s religions and spiritual traditions, together with the amazing knowledge gained from science, psychology, and contemporary researchers. It also includes healing techniques drawn from traditional, allopathic, and complementary/alternative medicine that help individuals heal and return to high levels of functioning.

Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health     

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