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U.S. Virgin Islands    

Maho Bay Camps consists of wooden walkways connected with many, MANY steps. It is important that all guests bring their own flashlights to maneuver the steps at night. Our hillside location affords many of the tent-cottages a beautiful view of the turquoise Caribbean waters, near by islands and spectacular sunsets.

The roomy tent-cottages are nearly hidden by lush foliage providing privacy. Translucent fabric on wood frames, screened windows and open air terraces take advantage of the cooling Virgin Islands trade winds. Each has a separate sleeping area with comfortable twin beds. An extra mattress is behind the sleeping-couch in the living area. Bed linens, blankets, towels, cooking and eating utensils are all provided, including propane stove and ice cooler. Every tent-cottage has its own private deck, electric outlets, lights and fans. Barbecue areas and fresh water are available along the walkways. The immediate area around Maho Bay Camps has beautiful hiking trails including walks to historic plantation ruins. The town of Cruz Bay offers active night life within half an hour via local taxi service. Conveniently located bathhouses are equipped with modern, low-flush toilets and pull-chain showers connected to a recycling system which irrigates the surrounding vegetation.

Maho Bay Camps     


Nestled amid swaying coconut trees, the Beach Village fronts the double crescent white sand Kaupoa Beach. Forty (40) two-bedroom canvas tentalows amidst relics from the ancient days of a Hawaiian fishing village create a modern-day haven. Each raised platform is complete with Lounge chairs, deck seating, a covered picnic table, and a private open-aired bathroom furnished with full bath amenities.

Each tentalow is solar powered and ecologically designed. Integrating the natural environment with all the amenities of a full service hotel, the Beach Village provides idyllic accommodations. Our local staff provides Hawaiian hospitality and culture as well as full meals generously served in the beach front pavilion.

The island is 38 miles at its longest and 10 miles at its widest. Thus, 100% of the land area is within five miles of the coast. Its 88 miles of coastline include 14 miles of the highest sea cliffs in the world, with heights over 1,000 feet along the rugged eastern section of the north coast of the island. Molokai’s south shore features Hawaii’s most extensive coastal reef system, with offshore reefs stretching over 14,000 acres. Ancient Hawaiians built numerous stone-walled fishponds within this protective reef barrier prior to Western contact, and 74 of these ancient fishponds are still intact.

Molokai Ranch     


Each of Dunton's luxury cabins is an authentic, nineteenth century, hand-hewn log building, restored by local and Native American craftsmen who specialize in traditional building techniques. Although no two are alike, each bears a distinct individual character and history. All are furnished with custom luxury amenities, and reveal splendid views that change throughout the day with the shifting colors of sunlight on the mountains.

Discover the authentic charm, beauty and elegance of our delicately renovated Ghost Town nestled deep in the Rocky Mountains of Southern Colorado. Set in splendid isolation, Dunton Hot Springs combines rustic yet luxurious cabins, uncompromising service, unforgettable adventures with a rare atmosphere of warmth and charm.

Dunton Hot Springs     

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