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European Culinary    

The key attribute of European Culinary is its healthy stability, the excellent basic ingredients being simply cooked and retaining their original goodness and freshness. Enjoy a culinary extravaganza or visit some of the finest vineyards throughout Europe with one of Central Holidays Cooking Class Tours. These classes will allow the culinary enthusiast to enjoy the pleasure of immersing themselves in the knowledge of some of Europe's top chefs. Visit Italy, Spain, Portugal, France and Turkey.    

Central Holidays     


Taste of the Southwest 

This program introduces you to the cuisine of Sonora, Mexico. Your senses will appreciate the taste, texture, and aroma found in these traditional dishes. Tucson will showcase the art of southwest cooking by local celebrity chefs through demonstrations. Hostelers will enjoy instruction in the culinary arts and tasting opportunities as well. Travel to Nogales for a chef's tour in Old Mexico, visit a Mexican grocery, and relish diverse dining experiences. Learn the difference between gold and silver tequila and the many varieties of salsa. Experience the colorful Mexican marketplace and mariachi music.    



New Orleans Cuisine    

The New Orleans Cooking Experience is dedicated to the wonders of  the Louisiana kitchen and the pleasures of the table.  We offer cooking vacations, half-day, private and special event classes to visitors and local New Orleanians.  The highly personalized classes focus on authentic Creole cooking.  Regular classes are limited to ten, and include instruction, recipes, wines and conclude with a multi-course dinner party. Special event classes are available for groups of ten to 60+.  The cuisine is classic Creole New Orleans plus a little Cajun, and classes are taught on residential equipment so that students will be able to reproduce the recipes at home.

New Orleans Cooking Experience     

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