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Tuscan Cuisine

Experience firsthand the good tastes of Tuscany. We have designed our cooking and wine classes to expose you to an intimate side of that Italian lifestyle that is so appealing to all. Our tours expose you to the best that Tuscany has to offer.

Spend a fruitful day in an original gallery kitchen of the 13th century Villa Pandolfini with hands-on instruction by one of our professional Italian chefs. Our menus vary according to the seasonal cuisine and are universally appealing. Our goal is to expose you to all of the Good Tastes of Tuscany. We guarantee an unforgettable experience.

Good Tastes of Tuscany     


Catalan Cuisine   

6 - Day Gourmet Food & Wine Experience in El Priorat.

This culinary vacation program will really allow you to discover first hand why Catalonia and its food have become so popular. With six or seven hands-on classes of approximately three hours each and a combination of restaurant meals and class preparation meals, a very good knowledge of Catalan cuisine is attained. Four visits to local Priorat wine producers and vineyards, along with wine tasting will allow you to discover and appreciate the fantastic DOC Priorat and DO Montsant wines. An official olive oil tasting presentation will let you discover the incredible DO Siurana olive oils. A trip to a local ceramics producer, the Scala Dei monastery, and the Gaudi architecture in Reus will enable you to learn of the areas history as well as indulge in the landscapes of this beautiful and unspoiled region.



Chinese Cuisine   

Culinary Highlights include (in chronological order) :

Peking Duck Banquet at the China Club, Beijing
Introductory lecture on Chinese cuisine from renowned food author Fuchsia Dunlop
Demonstration of Northern Cuisine from Executive Chef at Made In China, Beijing
Lecture on Sichuanese xiaochi or Tea House Food, Chengdu
Participatory Lessons at the Sichuan Institute of Higher Cuisine , Chengdu
Demonstration of Shanghainese Cuisine from Whampoa Restaurant Star Chef, Jereme Leung
Visit to tea and food markets at Chengdu and Shanghai, accompanied by experts
Participatory Lessons at the Chinese Cuisine Training Institute of Hong Kong

This one is pricey, but it includes 10 night accommodations in 5 star hotels and is limited to 20 people in each tour.

Imperial Tours     

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