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Bus Tours

For more than 27 years, Gate 1 Travel has been providing top quality escorted tours at affordable prices. If you've always dreamed of going to Italy for the first time or reliving the first time you set foot on Italian soil.  This is your opportunity to see the historic sites, savor the food and take the vacation you deserve.  From short getaways to more relaxed vacations, Gate 1 Travel has the trip that's right for you. You can choose tours that cover just Florence, Venice & Rome or expand your trip to cover places like Pisa, Sorrento, Pompeii and Como.

Save $100 on any escorted, bus tour of Italy by using the code BPITL100 at time of booking. Browse through our extensive list of tours and find the one that's perfect for you!




Grand Canyon   

Grand Canyon SKYWALK Tour West Rim & Indian Bus - Your journey begins from Exciting Las Vegas stopping first at the Magnificent Hoover Dam and then on to the MajesticHualapai Indian Reservation where the West Rim of the Grand Canyon is located by crossing over and then at Famous Hoover Dam for AMAZING Pictures..

As you travel along the Southwest desert of Arizona in air conditioned comfort, your driver/guide will give you information about the beautiful 900 year old Joshua Tree Forest, and some history of the regions early inhabitants. Walk along the rim of this great wonder of nature - unblemished by modern civilization. See the Great Thunderbird image nature created along with many other unusual formations PLUS EAGLE & GUANO POINT.

Best Las Vegas Tours    


L.A. - Rock and Roll   

We're not your ordinary tour bus company.

Our routes veer off into fascinating, neglected neighborhoods. Our expert guides are passionate, brainy and hilarious. Our tour themes are provocative and complex, but never dry, mixing crime and social history, rock and roll and architecture, literature and film, fine art and urban studies into a simmering stew of original research and startling observations.

Where the Action Was is Esotouric's Hollywood and West Hollywood rock and roll history tour, co-hosted by pop music historians Gene "Catalog of Cool" Sculatti and Kim "Scram" Cooper.
In the mid-1960s, the Sunset Strip and Hollywood were ground zero for musical teen youth culture, with scores of great clubs, music shops, recording studios, boutiques, hipster hangouts, radio stations, record stores, and film and TV studios. On the Esotouric bus, you'll travel back in time to map the musical history of Hollywood and West Hollywood, from Beatlemania and folk rock, glitter rock through punk. Along the way we'll follow the career highs and lows of a selection of fascinating LA artists: Bobby Fuller (was it murder or suicide?), Phil Spector, Arthur Lee & Love and the Byrds.
From the teen riots over the closing of Pandora's Box (inspiration for the Buffalo Springfield hit "For What It's Worth") to the late night Canter's Deli scene, from adolescent groupies holding court at Rodney's English Disco to the wild dances invented at Ciro's, and so much between, Where The Action Was is a high-energy voyage to a time when music was thrilling, immediate and deeply tied in to the city of LA.



Dublin, Ireland   

Dublin Tour - GhostBus - Let us put you at your unease on the world's only Ghostbus, and introduce you to the dark romance of a city of gaslight ghosts and chilling legends.

The bus itself is a unique attraction, it is a mobile theatre decorated in the gothic style and features a live storyteller who takes you on a spellbinding trip through Dublin. Once onboard, we take advantage of this atmospheric setting to spirit you away to a world of felons, fiends and phantoms and put you in the mood for being both charmed and spooked at the same time.

En route you learn the real origins of Dracula and his Dublin born inventor, Bram Stoker. We stop at the College of Physicians to recreate the strange activities of Dr. Clossy, whose spirit is still seen walking the corridors carrying a bucket of human entrails. We visit the site where Walking Gallows, the notorious judge, jury and hangman dispatched his victims in a most gruesome fashion.
This tour may not suit those of a nervous disposition!

Dublin Bus    
353 1 703 3028

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