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Founded 30 years ago, this is a carefully designed program of skill drills, math formulas and scientific techniques enabling bowlers to learn with the tools to constantly improve their game. An incredible team of instructors are on hand to teach  2 day clinics at $295 to 4 day clinics at $429. 5 day camps are also available. Clinics are located at various locations around the United States.   

Dick Ritger's Bowling Camps   
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Shooting Pool

Dust off your pool table and learn a few tricks with trained instructors at pool school. The College of Cueing Arts and Sciences in Dallas, TX provide classes and video analysis in four courses from beginning to advanced to expert to instructor certification training. Two and Three day classes range from $400 to $1,000. By appointment only.  

College of Cueing Arts and Sciences   
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Learn A New Language

Immerse yourself in other cultures - stay in 4 star hotels or with host families and learn up to 30 languages. The Club 50+ Mature Adult Programs allow you to study with others in your age group. Language classes are normally held in the morning, leaving the rest of the day for a full program of cultural activities, trips, museum and gallery visits, lingering lunches and excursions to nearby areas of interest. 50 countries, 30 languages - that should keep you busy for a while!   

Languages Abroad   
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800-219-9924 in the United States
0 800 404 7738 in the United Kingdom
00 1 416 925 2112 worldwide

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