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Travel for Boomers

Posted on: Sunday, 9 March 2008, 14:00 CDT

A new travel Web site has been launched for baby boomers at

"I happen to be a baby boomer, and I felt like the fun side of me wasn't being catered to and marketed to," said Web site founder Liz Dahl, 59, in a phone interview from her office in Louisville. "I was getting ads for medication and hearing aids."

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So she created Boomeropia as an information site, listing interesting trips and tours in 30 categories, from adventure to pet travel to beaches.

Other categories include cruises, culinary travel, golf, fishing, and "glamping" - which means "glamorous" camping or camping trips where the tour operator does all the hard work for you, with comfortable tents and catered meals.

There is also a forum section where readers can post photos and share their thoughts.

- The Associated Press

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