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Interview with Liz Dahl, co-founder Boomeropia.                     
                 was created FOR  baby boomers BY baby boomers.     

Could you present was created FOR baby boomers BY baby boomers. I am a public relations consultant who used to own a travel agency. People continued to call me for travel after I sold the agency and I realized that baby boomers needed a site to help them make choices when it comes to travel. This is an information site, not a booking site.

I created 30 categories and within those categories are our recommendations for tours, places, hotels,
etc. They can read the description and then click on the link that takes them directly to that site. At this point, they can decide if it's something for them, and if it is, they can then book directly with the supplier, call them if we have provided the number, or contact their travel agent. It's all about choices and fun.

What kind of services do you propose ?

We provide the ideas and then we also have a forum where our visitors can share their photos and travel experiences. Also, at the top of our site, is a "Tips" section. There you will find information on currency conversion, travel insurance options, new travel accessories, how to pack, how to obtian a passport and so on. We also have a google map search by continent.

Who are your readers?

Our readers are mostly people 50 and older and that's who we are trying to reach. Are you looking
for partners ?

Since we are not a booking site, our income comes from advertising. Therefore, we are always looking for advertisers who wish to reach the baby boomers.

Our statistics tell us that 44 miilion boomers are online - 80% of all travel booked is booked by people 50 and older and they control 75% of the nation's wealth. Yet, they are being overlooked and we plan to change that.
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