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Site aims to offer baby boomers travel help

Posted on: February 26th, 2008 by Jean Adams

From easy-grip coffee jars to specially designed bath enclosures aimed at helping those with reduced mobility, companies around the world are reinventing their most popular products in order to prepare for the tens of millions of baby-boomers who are now starting to enter retirement. More recently, the travel industry is also looking to both help out this important cohort, as well as attract their business in the coming years. As part of this trend a brand new website has been launched, which aims to specifically target baby-boomers, who may be interested in travel and vacations, as they find themselves with plenty of extra time during their retirement and golden years.

The new site,, was created by 59 year old Liz Dahl, who is a proud baby-boomer herself. As such, she seems to know quite well what her generation is looking for when it comes to travel options. In an interview with USA Today, Dahl noted that she wants to appeal to babyboomers’ “fun side” with this site. The portal currently includes 30 distinct categories, provides detailed information on interesting trips and vacation ideas, as well as bed and breakfast listings. Those looking to find information on cruises and popular sports, as well as recreational activities, such as golf and fishing, will not be disappointed either. The website even has ideas for camping trips, for the more adventurous types, but also for those looking to get a little help with setting up their tent, and for babyboomers looking for the comfort of a trip that includes catered meals.

Boomeropia is designed in a simple, crisp, user-friendly manner and information on “niche” categories is also available. These include eco travel, botanical tours, gaming, religious and faith-based trips, spas and even getaways focused on meditation.

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